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Name:Savik'aasivak Kaivxuunaffaq
Birthdate:Mar 1
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You've all heard it before: mutants versus humans. That great struggle between the mutant minority and the baseline human majority, where mutants are oppressed and-

Oh, wait. That's not this world. That's not this story.

In a world where mutants experienced a four generation boom to become the overwhelming majority, the humans didn't have a chance, but with their more advanced technology, they went out with a bang and fought to the last man, woman and child. There were many wars across the three continents of Uqallak, Tsussain and Pangea, between nations and species, until finally the wars settled into a pure species versus species conflict after the assassination of Khorkhoi Ovoul, the last true peacemaker between the two groups. Nobody knows which group did it, but the people with powers united to wage war on those without.

Savik was a child, a mutant orphan on the streets of the Uqallak port city of Kaivxuun, from which, as the wars shifted and turned and changed, he was recruited by the Uqallak government to be one of their many legions of child soldiers shipped off to the Pangean front to drive out, hunt down and kill all the humans possible. He had no parents, no possessions, only powers that were very good at torturing people until he extracted information for his superiors or did his part. He followed orders.

Now, at long last, every human has been killed, blasted, tortured, burned an exterminated. The wars are over. And the unfeeling monster he had to become is lost. He lived his life seeing the horrors of war, inflicting them himself, trying to stay on the winning side of the conflicts, trying to earn his keep so he wouldn't be left behind by his superiors as useless, that life without war is something he can't process.

Savik himself couldn't describe his personality to you. He's often cold and unsympathetic. He doesn't have much empathy for others. He doesn't hate anyone, he never did, he just wanted food to eat and a roof over his head. But the nightmares that have always plagued him are now inescapable except through the addictive drug that is allapitta, which drains him in his attempts to afford it. Guilt, tiredness and a desperate need to find a purpose in life are really all there is to him. Maybe one day, he'll find a place where he can outrun his personal demons.
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